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RST Pumpsets

We manufacture irrigation pumpsets from our workshops in East Anglia. Whilst we have a standard basic setup most customers prefer to tailor their options and preferences. We currently utilise Iveco 4 cylinder turbocharged and counterbalanced engines providing either 74 or 93kw, coupled to a Caprari pump to supply 2-3 hosereels. We use smaller engines of 36kw for pumpsets with Rovatti pumps to supply a single hosereel. All components are purchased through UK suppliers. We now use the Vision 4 fully electronic control panel that also has a line fill mode. You simply press the start button and the pumpset does the rest – it primes itself, it fills the pipe line slowly and then accelerates upto the preset pressure, without any input from the operator

The pumpsets are a result of many years fine tuning of manufacturing ideas to come up with what we believe to be the best pumpset in the market. The pumpsets are available with or without high performing sound attenuated canopy, can be painted in whichever colour the customer prefers, even wrapped as pictured. These are then mounted onto a steel bunded tank. once again manufactured in our own workshop.

We can now install a ‘tanker’ style automatic primer, banning the hand primer to history!