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Aluminium Pipes & Fittings

Raesa Pipes & Fittings 

Our range of extruded mainline Aluminium Irrigation Pipes and cast fittings compatible with Wright Rain, Bauer and Farrow irrigation couplings have once again proved very popular this year. Manufactured in Spain to a very high standard these pipes and fittings are capable of running in excess of 16-bar pressure but still remain very competitively priced. These have proven very popular with our customers, allowing us to supply approx. 35kms of pipes every year.
Please remember that we can repair your damaged pipes in our workshop, which should be planned for the winter months.

We are commited to ensuring a constant supply to our customers, of all products, and the aluminium fittings and pipes are no exception. We carry large stocks of fittings in pipes all year round.

Solid set irrigation is very popular on the continent. This is the system of laying smaller pipes throughout the field with water applied through sprinklers mounted onto risers. In conjunction with the manufacturer we are currently looking for a customer to trial this system in the UK. Should you be interested in this system please contact Nigel for further information.