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Lindsay Europe

With a tradition of strength and reliability, the Peromat TR range represents one of the best irrigators in the agricultural irrigation market. Lindsay Europe manufactures a high quality range of hosereel irrigators from their premises near Le Mans, France, targeted at the high use owner. These have been imported into the UK by RST Irrigation Ltd since the late 1980’s.

They are a very reliable and strong machine. As the irrigators increase in size it is increasingly important that inbuilt strength and quality of manufacture are employed. For example, they have particularly long and strong stabilisers that provide a sure footing in the field. The Peromat TR range has a heritage of design and manufacture without compromise. or

With the increasing importance of energy efficiency and reducing costs there is an increasing demand for hosereels with larger bore pe pipes, in the mid ‘90’s our most popular hosereel was 100/400, in around 2010 it was the 110/510 model, now larger bore and longer pipes are much more popular. We regularly sell machines with 120 and 125 mm pipes enabling more economical and efficient irrigation.

The Perrot hosereel range features galvanised chassis and stabilizers, hydraulic turntable, dual galvanised water inlet, direct drive high performance turbine and 4 speed gearbox with the addition of hydraulic jack on the larger models. The latest models of electronic speed control have the ability to be controlled by the Raindancer system. Allowing you to start, stop and alter the speed of the machine remotely. These models continue the ethos of high performance, high quality products.