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Raindancer – GPS for Irrigation

RST Irrigation Are the EXCLUSIVE UK Distributor and Importer for Raindancer


With Raindancer you can monitor and control the irrigation on your smartphone or PC

Have all information at a glance at any time and at any place

Simple and compatible with all irrigation machines

Save time on inspection trips


The solution:

  • Know when the machines are ready
  • Know the status and water pressure of each machine
  • Detect faults faster to save time

Easy installation on all irrigation machines.
Download the assembly instructions below.

Installation instructions.pdf (1.4 MB)

What does Raindancer Do?

Comfortable from a distance

Pumps can be started or stopped by smartphone.
Irrigation nets are automatically switched on and off as well as the frequency controlled.

The sprinklers can be started and stopped from anywhere.
If it starts to rain or it is too hot at noon – just stop from the app.
The feed speed can be adjusted automatically to the ground conditions.

These functions require Raindancer-compatible control units.
Automated documentation

All data from the irrigation system is stored automatically.

They are always available and can be can be exported, for example, to Microsoft Excel® and processed there.