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Linear and Pivot

Linear and Pivot Irrigation

Linear Irrigation has once again shown to be successful as an improved method of crop irrigation, giving accuracy of application and economical use of water and manpower. Options in either Centre Pivot or Linear mode can be used and full automation is also available. New in 2001 was the Omega cart which has the ability to call the operator on his mobile ‘phone, should the linear stop for any reason.


Complementing the existing Perrot spans is the addition of the Zimmatic range of centre pivots, as produced by Lindsay Manufacturing Co., which have proved very successful throughout the world. NEW for 2003 was an extending end overhang, which allows the customer to reach into corners previously unwaterable by centre pivots. Being a very economical method of irrigation, Linear, Mini Linear or Pivot systems deserve consideration at every possible application.

Installed in November 2005 in the east of England is our largest Pivot at 703m (14 spans long), which irrigates almost 1 mile square without the attention of the operator!

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Hot-dipped galvanized steel legs and heavy-duty cross-members form a rugged foundation. Exclusive collector ring is mounted externally, eliminating water flow restriction.




Zimamtic’s standard 6 5/8 inch (168 mm) pipeline is more than 10% thicker than the competition’s best offering, which means additional strength and stability – the most substantial in the industry.


30_171_119_z_pipe_li0082_pl2_72webPREFORMED OUTLET

Formed sprinkler outlets are part of the pipeline, ensuring precisely matched threads for a watertight seal. Traditional welded-on couplings can result in leakage and rusting.



30_171_119_z_uniknucklespanconnector_72webEXCLUSIVE UNI-KNUCKLE SPAN CONNECTOR

Exclusive Uni-Knuckle span connector features components that are mounted externally to eliminate flow restriction.



30_171_119_z_p1010061_web72TOWER HEIGHT OPTIONS

The top-of-the-line 9500P offers the most tower height options of any Zimmatic irrigation system, so you can choose the tower height that fits any crop – from corn to cane: Low, Standard, Medium, High, Ultra-High


linear2small zimm_9500p_pivot_corn_long