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Raindancer Raindancer Control your Irrigation System from your phone. With Raindancer you can monitor and control the irrigation on your smartphone or PC Have all information at a glance at any time and at any place Simple and compatible with all irrigation machines Save time on inspection trips Hosereels With the increasing importance of energy efficiency and reducing costs there is an increasing demand for hosereels with larger bore pe pipes, in the mid ‘90’s our most popular hosereel was 100/400, in 2014 it has been 120/620, larger bore pipe and longer too. Enabling more economical and efficient irrigation HosereelsLinear and Pivot Linear and Pivot Linear Irrigation has once again shown to be successful as an improved method of crop irrigation, giving accuracy of application and economical use of water and manpower. Pumpsets We manufacture irrigation pumpsets from our workshops in East Anglia. whilst we have a standard basic setup most customers prefer to tailor their options and preferences. We currently utilise Iveco 4 cylinder turbocharged and counterbalanced engines providing either 74 or 93kw, coupled to a Caprari pump. PumpsetsPumphouses Pumphouses New for the 2009 season is the Iveco tier 3 engine. This engine now has a turbocharger and an aftercooler however retains the mechanically controlled injection pump Aluminium pipes and fittings Our range of extruded mainline Aluminum Irrigation Pipes and cast fittings compatible with Wright Rain, Bauer and Farrow irrigation couplings have once again proved very popular this year. Aluminium pipes and fittings
If your meter isn’t calibrated correctly, you could be recording more water than you’re actually using. At R S T Irrigation, we service and calibrate over 200 water meters each year, so you can be sure we’re highly experienced. Remember, the Environment Agency recommends water meters should calibrated every three years; If yours is due, call us today. | Save up to 1.5 bar of pressure over 500 metres by switching your five inch irrigation pipes to our six inch aluminium pipes – it could also save you money in the long-run. Call us for more information. | With energy costs rising, more and more farms are turning to larger bore P E pipes. Machines with 120 millimetre P E hoses are also becoming increasingly popular as they offer energy savings that offset initial expenditure. Call us now and ask how you can reduce your costs.|With over 25 years’ experience, we are  agricultural irrigation specialists, and as well as a fully equipped manufacturing unit, we also boast an extensive hosereel and pumpset hire fleet. Call us now to tell us how we can help you.|If your P E pipe’s looking worn, or no longer working as it should, you can give your ageing hosereel a new lease of life with a simple change of your P E piping. Call us now for more information|As testament to our extensive capabilities, we installed a 703 metre Pivot irrigation system – the largest in the UK. This last year we installed a further five Linear irrigation systems, covering fields between 330 and 360 metres – providing applications as low as six millimetres for delicate crops, and this year we are also supplying a further Pivot and Linear irrigation system. Call us today to find out how we can reduce your costs|By treating your stored diesel with Fuel Guard additives, you can mitigate the risk of bacterial growth. And remember, you should also change your filters at the start of the irrigation season and after 100 hours of use. Speak to a member of our team today about ordering your Fuel Guard additives. |Lindsay Europe has recently improved its high-performance turbine to generate retraction speeds of up to 250 meters per hour. And with the addition of the high and low flow kits, the turbine can successfully work with flow-rates as low as 20 cubic metres per hour. Watch our videos on the video page|For the 2013 season, we introduced our line fill control panel. This innovative system allows you to start the pumpset, coupled to the new auto prime suction kit, via an SMS from your phone – the easy way to automatically prime the suction pipe. You can then start the engine and accelerate slowly to the desired pre-set pressure.You can see further details and examples of our pumpsets on our video page





Lindsay Europe Hosereels

With a tradition of strength and reliability, the Peromat TR range represent one of the best irrigators in the agricultural irrigation market. Lindsay Europe manufacture a high quality range of hosereel irrigators from their premises near Le Mans, France. These have been imported into the UK by RST Irrigation Ltd for many years. They are a very reliable and strong machine. As the irrigators increase in size it is increasingly important that inbuilt strength and quality of manufacture are employed.


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